Daily Packages

Practice & Race Rentals

We have bikes available for both practice and race days at many of the best MX tracks in Southern California. Please check our track schedule for your favorite track or race day.

Practice Package: $290.00 Per ride day
Gear Rental: $25.00 Per day


All daily rentals include the following:


  • Set up trailer with shade in pit area and prep the bikes

  • Parts and tools for minor repair and a back-up bike*

  • We will meet you at the track on your scheduled day

  • Riding on rain or shine unless the track closed

  • We will have to charge you if the bike is damage severely

  • We reserve the right to cancel if we feel you are riding carelessly

  • Supplied fuel & gate entry

*Backup bike is based on availability

Ride Day (Singles)

  • 1-3 days minimum

  • 4 days $1,150

  • 5 or more is $250 per day

  • Race entry fees are NOT included


Call  or Email for details!

Accommodation riders will get daily fruit, cereal, milk. Training package comes with 3 square meals 3 lunches. Riders staying with us will get daily cold breakfast. At the compound we have jump ropes, punching bags, and plenty of beach to train on! For questions about any of the packages, please feel free to email us info@plaguemxracing.com or call 951-234-7919.